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Sherdog Publishes Fantastic Article on Dan and Danny

One of the items I had hoped to write about on this blog over the coming weeks was a feature on Danny and Dan which looked at the amazing little man Danny is and also the amazing sacrifices Dan has made the past few years, fighting some of the baddest men on the planet under the worst of circumstances because he knew it was the best way to provide for his family, and never saying a word about it publicly because he respected his opponents too much to let anyone take away from their peformances. As Danny’s story has gotten out, it’s become more well known the kind of man that Dan is outside of the fighter everyone already knew and respected. To put it quite simply, if when I get married I can be half the father and husband that Dan is, I will know that I’ve done alright for myself. While I had intended to address Dan’s incredible selflessness here, it may not really be needed anymore thanks to this amazing story written up by Sherdog’s . Any manly men out there looking to read it should be warned in advance however, this may cause you to get a bad case of “shut up, I just got dust in my eye is all.”

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