Daniel James Miller Foundation

Mike Russell, True Fight Co. and the UG Combine on “Chocolate Al” Shirt Fundraiser

on December 1, 2011

Although Saturday’s seminar is fast approaching, it’s not the only fundraising drive currently underway to help raise money for Danny’s future medical needs, as the Underground Forums have come together to start a T-shirt drive, as well. The shirt designs are based on an image drawn by Cage Potato writer Mike Russell’s daughter in which she illustrated the time her father met former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion “Chocolate Al” at a seminar. It’s adorable. The image was converted into vector art by UG poster mixedmartialfarts, will be printed by MMA clothing company True Fight Co. and shipped by UG member mdotbricks. Shirts are available in three colors (powder blue, paprika and lime)  and cost $23. All money spent, minus cost of printing, paypal service charges and shipping, will be donated to Danny.

Orders will be accepted until Sunday, December 4th, and can be placed here.

As with other fundraising, the outpouring has apparently been higher than anyone dreamed possible at the creation of the idea. In fact, Chuck “Chocolate Al” Liddell himself will be signing Chocolate Al shirts for inclusion in the upcoming fundraising auction. Once again, the support has been amazing and we wish to express our deepest thanks.


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